A birth of an artist in me!

The Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination were instituted in the year 1880 by the Art Directorate of the Government of Maharashtra. It started with 18 students for the first ever examination, moving onto around 200,000 students who appear for this examination, every year. These exams were instituted with the idea of encouraging and developing an interest […]

Recreating Picasso’s ‘The Aficionado’

When still at university, I was requested by our cultural secretary to recreate Picasso’s ‘The Aficionado’ as an entry for a cultural event held every year in our campus at IIT Delhi. The idea was to pay a tribute to a famous artist through his work. This was the second time I was recreating the […]

Falling Ribbons

If I sleep, I dream, every single night. I have always made an attempt to remember what I dreamt of, the next day morning. One night back in the summer of 1996, I dreamt of falling ribbons from the sky in the backdrop of a large window with a glowing red light coming from within. […]

Still Life: Pottery 1994

Today’s ‘Blast from Past’ is my 22 year old ‘Pottery’-Still Life made back in 1994 with Oils on Board. This was one of my experimental painting where I used my fingers to paint instead of brushes. I loved the whole experiment but only regret- I ended up bordering the subjects with the brush in the […]

‘Malgudi Days’ and me

I was at work when I received a text that said ‘R K Laxman no more’. The news gave me a sudden chill that ran through my spinal cord and I immediately went online to confirm the news, which was indeed true. R K Laxman an acclaimed Indian cartoonist, sketch artist and illustrator had passed […]

Gollum- clay modelling

My obsession for Gollum, began the day I saw ‘The Lord of the Rings’ way back in year 2001. Almost perfect in its visuals and CGI, Peter Jackson’s trilogy makes you believe the existence of all the characters and the world they live in. Gollum has a split personality: the childlike “Sméagol” and the evil “Gollum” […]


My spring cleaning has begun early this year and guess what I found under the big pile. My art from past, a ‘Rose’ painted in 1992 in watercolors. I always found drawing Roses to be extremely challenging. Its been very long since I painted one so it wont be a bad idea to start painting […]

Eco-Friendly Ganesh

From 9th September 2013 starts the 10 day Indian festival, ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’, celebrating the birth of Hindu mythological Elephant God, Lord Ganesh (also known as Ganpati).  As exciting as it sounds, there is a huge threat to the environment caused by the recent trend of the Ganesh idols made out of Plaster of Paris (POP). […]


There is something magical about the Monsoon season in India. It brings so much joy and is such a relief after the hot and dry summer. Puddles, green patches, cold breeze, flowers, butterflies, grasshoppers, waterfalls is like a monsoon package. I have been very fortunate to have lived very close to the nature throughout my […]