‘Malgudi Days’ and me

I was at work when I received a text that said ‘R K Laxman no more’. The news gave me a sudden chill that ran through my spinal cord and I immediately went online to confirm the news, which was indeed true. R K Laxman an acclaimed Indian cartoonist, sketch artist and illustrator had passed […]

Fancy a Cuppa?

I know someone who likes to have her Tea (Chai) cold, no it’s not like having Ice Tea, it’s the Indian style hot Chai which she lets go cold, sometimes by going to an extent of refrigerating it ( or may be not;  it must have been just us teasing her). But yes Tea or […]

Off Sick

We all hate them, they make us Sick! Virus, bacteria, and all sorts of micro organisms, how we wish that they never existed. Is there any way to prevent them, No- dont think so! How many times on an average in a lifetime do we fall ill and every time we do there is always some […]

Early Memories

Travelling down my memory lane I recollect that I first started to paint at an early age ( guess like any other child). But I often wonder how I got introduced to this fascinating world of ‘ART’! Thinking more about what really moved me during my childhood I distinctly remember that there was this huge […]