Seasons Greeting Cards!

Just in another four days 2015 comes to an end as we head towards yet another new year. It has been a great year full of activities, lots of work and lots of fun too. The festive season has been exceptionally busy with quiet a few commissions ( mainly Roosters) and orders for paintings. Burning […]

Self Portrait

‘They say—and I am willing to believe it—that it is difficult to know yourself—but it isn’t easy to paint yourself either’- Vincent Van Gogh (1889). How true that is! Vincent Van Gogh painted as many as 36 self portraits in space of just 10 years only. Before we had ‘Selfies’ there were ‘Self Portraits’. This […]

My Alma mater!

My Painting ‘Alma Mater’ done in Oils on Canvas is dedicated to my school where I did my entire schooling. Last year I visited my school after a very very long time and was so glad to see that it still existed. Lots has changed now, but amongst the few things that remained unchanged was- […]