15 minutes of Fame-Andy Warhol

  Yesterday I visited Ashmolean Museum in Oxford city to see the original works of Andy Warhol. The exhibition displays a collection of over 100 paintings of Warhol’s commissioned portraits, sketches, illustrations spanning the 1970s right up to the year before his death and few of his digital works. They come from the private collection called the […]

Light Trails

  Playing around with my SLR camera to capture some light trails and pretty amazed with these beautiful forms. Its interesting what you can achieve with just these three things-‘Lights Camera Action’ ‪#‎PersistenceOfVision‬‪#‎LightTrails‬ ‪#‎Photography‬

Zinnia the Space Flower

‘FIRST EVER FLOWER GROWN IN SPACE MAKES ITS DEBUT.’ Such an amazing news tweeted from the International Space Station (ISS) by American astronaut Scott Kelly. This makes me so happy because the flower that has bloomed there up in the space happens to be ZINNIA. This takes me back to my Art Class days where […]

‘Voice of Dogras’ logo

Few weeks ago, the VOD team approached me to design a logo for their organization. After the initial brief and understanding what the group stands for, I thought it would be nice to be a part of such a cause and initiative. It was an interesting research to study and understand the roots of the […]

My neighbour-Vincent Van Gogh

For almost a year now, I have been walking past this house in Isleworth, a small English town in one of the Boroughs of London. A ceramic Blue Plaque on its front facade always caught my attention and I have been intending to read what’s written on it. Blue plaques like these are part of […]


Most of my summer holidays were spent with my grandparents, and a dozen cousins in a small village called Abhepuri, near Wai, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the Western Ghats. These days Wai has become a popular hub for shooting rural scenes of India in the films because of the natural and picturesque […]

Sable Hair

Ok here’s introducing my own brand and label of Painting brushes called ‘Sable Artists Brushes’ and for those wondering why the spelling looks a bit incorrect , that’s because it is not me or my family name. Sorry guys this isn’t my label, though how I wish it was and those who know this, also […]

Rockery in my Garden

Rockery in my garden: My garden rockery has been featured in the February 2018 issue of the UK’s leading garden magazines ‘Modern Gardens’. Now this is very exciting as it was totally unexpected. Its always satisfying when your hard work gets appreciated in any form. The Story: My front garden has a triangular shape and […]