Ok here’s introducing my own brand and label of Painting brushes called ‘Sable Artists Brushes’ and for those wondering why the spelling looks a bit incorrect , that’s because it is not me or my family name. Sorry guys this isn’t my label, though how I wish it was and those who know this, also know that these brushes have been in the art market for a very very long time.

For those unaware, ‘Sable Artists Brushes’ are the fine quality organic hair brushes made from the fur of the animal called ‘Sable’ (plural- Sables) and again this animal is not me or any member of my family.

‘Sable’ is basically a carnivorous mammal that inhabits forests primarily in Russia/ Siberia, northern Asia and in Canada. It looks like Ferret, it is related to Ferret, but is not a Ferret.

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Though my family name is ‘SABLE’, but neither I nor any of my ancestors are products or by-products of ‘Sable’. I mean technically yes! we are products of earlier human ‘Sable’ like my parents, grandparents and my great great grandparents and so on; they all carried the same family name ‘Sable’ but going by Darwin’s evolution theory my ancestors would have been monkeys and not ‘Sable’ and they were certainly not Russians. But still I am not quite sure how this Russian name became our family name.

Originally my family name was always spelt as ‘Sable’ until one fine day I found out that my school leaving certificate (mis)spelt it with a ‘A’. It was a nightmare to get it changed and then rest is a history. Since then it has officially become SABALE. Had so many instances where I had to correct & re-correct the spelling as it seems it comes naturally for anyone to write it without a ‘A’. Sometimes I wish I had kept it ‘Sable’ instead of ‘SABALE’.

Well anyway talking about these furry animals, from the time I remember, I ever started to paint; my brushes have always been ‘Sable Artists Brushes’. They are very fine quality artist brushes and highly recommended. They are made for using with water colours, acrylics and oils and are available in mostly all parts of the world. At the moment I am only using palette knives but have a good collection of my own ‘Sable Artists Brushes’.

It’s this namesake that all my painting brushes are imprinted with my family name. All these brushes normally say, ‘made of Sable hair’, ‘Sable hair’ or just ‘Sable’.

The brushes are made from hair cut from the tip of the winter tail of ‘Sables’, which is left to grow back and takes about a year or so to fully grow. But it is also said that these little animals do get killed for their hair by some greedy suppliers, and therefore more and more artists are now switching to synthetic hair brushes. Thankfully there hasn’t been any confusion with the manufacturers as to where to fetch the ‘Sable’ hair from, and my hair is still intact and so am I. Well sadly the same cannot be said about the poor Russian Sables. Oh those Russians!