Recreating Picasso’s ‘The Aficionado’

When still at university, I was requested by our cultural secretary to recreate Picasso’s ‘The Aficionado’ as an entry for a cultural event held every year in our campus at IIT Delhi. The idea was to pay a tribute to a famous artist through his work. This was the second time I was recreating the […]


My spring cleaning has begun early this year and guess what I found under the big pile. My art from past, a ‘Rose’ painted in 1992 in watercolors. I always found drawing Roses to be extremely challenging. Its been very long since I painted one so it wont be a bad idea to start painting […]

Fancy a Cuppa?

I know someone who likes to have her Tea (Chai) cold, no it’s not like having Ice Tea, it’s the Indian style hot Chai which she lets go cold, sometimes by going to an extent of refrigerating it ( or may be not;  it must have been just us teasing her). But yes Tea or […]

Off Sick

We all hate them, they make us Sick! Virus, bacteria, and all sorts of micro organisms, how we wish that they never existed. Is there any way to prevent them, No- dont think so! How many times on an average in a lifetime do we fall ill and every time we do there is always some […]