‘Malgudi Days’ and me

I was at work when I received a text that said ‘R K Laxman no more’. The news gave me a sudden chill that ran through my spinal cord and I immediately went online to confirm the news, which was indeed true. R K Laxman an acclaimed Indian cartoonist, sketch artist and illustrator had passed […]

Self Portrait

‘They say—and I am willing to believe it—that it is difficult to know yourself—but it isn’t easy to paint yourself either’- Vincent Van Gogh (1889). How true that is! Vincent Van Gogh painted as many as 36 self portraits in space of just 10 years only. Before we had ‘Selfies’ there were ‘Self Portraits’. This […]

Sum Of Impressions-Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings, London

‘Sum of Impressions’ is a Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings made on canvas using palette knives by artist and designer Tushar Sabale held at the The Nehru Centre Art gallery, Mayfair London. There is no use of brushes or any other tools used to create the strokes.As the title suggests the exhibition is the sum of […]

My Alma mater!

My Painting ‘Alma Mater’ done in Oils on Canvas is dedicated to my school where I did my entire schooling. Last year I visited my school after a very very long time and was so glad to see that it still existed. Lots has changed now, but amongst the few things that remained unchanged was- […]